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Join us in this work of storytelling with a purpose.

Story Partners is a crowdfunded nonprofit ministry, and your support helps bring stories about Jesus to people all over the world.



We are a crowdfunded ministry, based on giving from people like you. So, where does your money go?

The right gear is essential in filmmaking and podcasting work. From cameras and mics to editing suites and hard drives, this gear enables us to tell stories that inspire faith.

God is writing stories all around the world. A portion of our funding covers travel expenses for both production trips, as well as travel to raise support and cast vision for the ministry.

Funding for Walt and Annie’s salaries, which makes it possible for them to capture and edit these stories full-time.

It’s our hope that these stories will be seen and heard as broadly as possible. Funding for distribution helps us grow our audience, so that these stories of faith will reach more people.


At it's core, Story Partners is a missional work. More than anything our desire is that people see Jesus for who He is. He is working in peoples’ lives all over the world and we want to share these stories.

When we hear a great story of God working in someone’s life, it inspires us and builds our faith. It is our aim that each story we tell points people to Jesus. When we hear a great story of God working in someone’s life, it inspires us and builds our faith. It is our aim that each story we tell points people to Jesus.

More than ever, we as a society are turning to the internet for answers to life’s biggest questions. At Story Partners, we want to meet people where they already are - online. We provide all our content for free, so that as many people as possible will hear these stories about Jesus changing peoples’ lives.

Your dollar goes far when you give to Story Partners. We are a lean team with an extremely low operating budget. Each dollar goes directly to creating and distributing these stories of faith.

Your donation matters

Your gift will help us bring lifesaving medical care to people in need.

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Meet the Manis Family

In 2002, God called Walt out of a career in Civil Engineering and invited us into this adventure of full-time ministry. Since then, we have worked across the globe in media ministry, serving with YWAM, Caleb Project, Greater Europe Mission, and Moving Works. Along the way, the Lord brought two amazing daughters to us through adoption.

It was never our plan to start a nonprofit ministry ourselves, but in 2019, the Lord clearly lead us to do just that. Along with our co-founders, Josh and Sarah Currer, we said “yes” to the Lord’s leading to begin this work. It is a joy to give our lives to this work, and we would be honored for you to join us in it.


Yes! Please reach out on our CONTACT page and we’ll share the details on how to give by check.

We are a registered 501(c)3, so likely the answer is YES! Contact your organization directly to learn specific requirements for eligibility. For more information, email us at

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Airline miles, cryptocurrency, used cars – we gratefully accept it all.

Yes! We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization so all giving is tax deductible. We send out end-of-year giving statements at the beginning of each calendar year. Missing your statement? Please let us know by emailing

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"The gospel is not just a series of facts to be believed but a story to be told."
-Timothy Keller
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