WRECKED - Addicted to Opioids

Justin was a good kid - the type of kid parents would be tempted to brag about. His family and friends had no idea that he had a secret… a secret that was destroying him.

WRECKED - For Better or Worse

A nearly fatal car accident. A traumatic brain injury. In a moment, everything changed.

His brain injury turned the love of her life into a raging stranger - someone she didn’t recognize, and honestly didn’t even like. How could she continue loving this version of her husband? Where was God in this mess?

True Wealth - From London, to New York, to the oldest Favela in Rio de Janeiro

As a highly paid New York attorney, Luke Simone was living his best life. He enjoyed all of the high-end fashion, food and experiences that the City had to offer. He had everything that he wanted, but it left him feeling empty. When the financial crisis hit, Luke made a simple phone call that changed his life forever.


Ashlyn was on top of her game - she had the best friends, great grades and now a soccer scholarship to an Ivy League university. She couldn't figure out why she wasn't satisfied. Little did she know that saying "yes" to a friend's invitation to summer camp would change everything.

Worthy - Finding Home

Throughout her childhood, Brandy experienced one traumatic loss after another. Time and time again, the only parent figure she knew was taken from her. With each loss, the question in her heart grew; “Am I worthy of being loved?”

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RACISM and THE CHURCH - Where Do We Go From Here?

Join us in listening to the voices of our Black Brothers and Sisters in Christ. As we navigate this critical hour of history, may we walk out our faith in UNITY as the Body of Christ, reflecting our GOOD and JUST King, Jesus.

FORGIVEN - The Mark and Jami Nato Story

As young newlyweds, life seemed perfect... until it wasn't. There was a lurking secret in their marriage, threatening to unravel it all. God met Mark and Jami in the darkest moments of their lives and restored a marriage that seemed impossible to save.

CHLOE - An Adoption Story

Walt and Annie Manis, co-founders of Story Partners, adopted their first daughter, Chloe, in 2010. Although they felt unseen at various points in their infertility journey, God was writing a story bigger than they could have imagined.


NOTE: This film was created by Walt Manis, in partnership with the team at Moving Works, an organization he worked alongside from 2015-2019.


God is writing beautiful stories all around the world... Story Partners is here to tell these stories.